5 Questions with Zack Lee

Zack Lee is a top pitching prospect in the Dodgers organization.

Recently, I sat down with Dodgers top prospect, Zack Lee to ask a few questions. Since being drafted by the Dodgers in the 1st round of the 2010 draft, Lee has been consistently named among the top prospects in baseball. This is part 1 of the interview, and the rest will be posted sometime in the near future.

1.  Justin Millar: What was it like adjusting to pro ball? Was it difficult?

Zack Lee: “Adjusting to pro ball was a bit of a challenge. The five-day rotation rather than having seven days between starts was the hardest thing to adjust to. Setting up the five days I had in between starts my lifts and bullpens was the thing that I had to tweak and change.”

 2. JM: Did you follow any specific teams or players growing up?

ZL: “There was never really a team I followed closely, I remember watching the Yankees, Cubs, and Rangers a lot because they were on national television a lot. As far as players I enjoyed watching Greg Maddox because he was more of a control and location guy rather than just beating guys with straight stuff. He could locate the ball where he wanted to when he wanted to and he battled every outing.”

 3. JM: Obviously you are extremely talented at football as well as baseball, how difficult was the decision to bypass LSU to go play for the Dodgers?

ZL: “The decision to play baseball rather than football was a very difficult decision. I really love both sports and am intrigued by the different atmosphere they both have. I ultimately decided to choose baseball because of the incredible opportunity I had and if baseball doesn’t workout I could always go back and play football.”

4. JM: At McKinney High School, you were teammates with Matt Lipka on both the football and baseball field. What’s Matt like on the gridiron and did it help to have someone close to you also going through the draft process at the same time?

ZL: “Matt is incredible athlete and competitor. He has a bulldog mentality both on the baseball field and football field. As far as our draft stories we had a lot different stories because he wasn’t really looking to go in football after high school.”

 5. JM: You are constantly rated as one of the top prospects in baseball. What does that feel like, and how do you deal with the hype and attention that comes with it?

ZL: “I feel that as the top prospect it is a huge honor. That being said I still have to go out there and perform and compete, it really makes me work hard because I know people will hold me to a higher standard. I know that I am just one of the guys and I have to prove myself everyday.”

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