Thoughts on the Madison Bumgarner Deal

Yesterday it was reported that Madison Bumgarner had signed an extension with the San Francisco Giants. He reportedly signed a 6 year, $35.56 million dollar contract that will take him through the 2017 season. Bumgarner will be 27 in 2017, so if Bumgarner chooses, he can be a free agent at a young age.

Over the past 2 seasons (his only 2 full seasons in the majors), Bumgarner has been worth roughly  5.5 wins. He also is improving at a fast rate, and should put up some 5+ win seasons as early as this year. Using the notion that one win is equivalent to $5 million dollars on the open market, Bumgarner would have to be worth approximately 7 wins over the course of the next 6 seasons. I’d say that it is a pretty safe assumption he will be worth 7 wins just over the course of the next 2 seasons!

Bumgarner is also the type of young pitcher you would want to build a rotation around. Bumgarner had a great 8.4 SO/9 last season and he also showed he can stay strong for 200+ innings. At Just 22 he is poised to get even better. I even predicted him to win the CY Young this year.

Overall this deal is fair to both sides. The Giants get an ace level pitcher for the next 6 years at a small price, and Bumgarner gets financial security. Giants fans should be very happy with this deal.

Here is a look at Bumgarner’s pitches and average velocity from his 2011 season:

Pitch Count Frequency H. Mvt V. Mvt Mph
Fourseam (FA) 2751 47% 6.24 -15.51 92.17
Sinker (SI) 402 7% 9.84 -18.28 92.03
Cutter (FC) 548 9% -1.29 -23.68 88.36
Slider (SL) 1132 19% -3.35 -26.27 86.48
Curveball (CU) 640 11% -9.47 -43.95 76.57
Changeup (CH) 401 7% 10.00 -27.12 83.92

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